Mpman MP-F70

This is the homepage for the Linux driver of the Mpman MP-F70. The driver consists of a kernel module and of a userspace utility. It is written by Jeremy Lainé and distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL).

For more information, visit the project's main page.


You can download source code and binary releases here.

Reporting bugs

Your feedback is welcome! If you think you've found a bug, you can check that it has not already been reported on the bug tracker and post a bug report.

Anonymous CVS

  • To browse the CVS tree, click here
  • To download the latest cvs cd to the directory where you wish to download to and type the following information:
    cvs login
    When prompted for a password press the RETURN key.
    After anonymously logging in:
    cvs -z3 co mpf70 Logo